About Us


About VMS Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

VMS Shipping Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated under the Companies act 1956. It is one of the India’s pioneers Maritime Education Consultancy.VMS Shipping want to reach the horizons of the merchant navy industry. We aim to fulfill dreams of students who want to join Merchant Navy. We are one stop solution provider of Merchant Navy Courses and Services. We thereby promise to work and be dedicated for the success of our students.

Why VMS Shipping ?
 *  In depth understanding and knowledge about the industry
* VMS provides 100% placement assistance of cadets on board ships for Sea-Training.
* VMS always maintain 100% transparency with their students and companies.
* We also provide education loan from all nationalized banks of India for every selected Candidates.

Vision :

To Become The Most Preferred Name In Merchant Navy Sector.

At VMS Shipping, we believe that everything is possible if we work for it along with our team we can achieve and deliver more than what is expected from students and their parents.

VMS Shipping Pvt Ltd. is reputed and well respected in the maritime field, constantly innovating using the latest technology in training and maintain a dominant presence in maritime industry. To become a leading ship recruitment and consulting service organization by shipping company and seafarers worldwide and to provide quality technical education along with development of intellectual leadership qualities, human values and corporate ethics- creating potential manpower for Shipping industries.


  • To be pioneer in the field of maritime training.
  • To provide top quality training programs to maritime industry personnel.
  • Developing modern state of the art training equipment.
  • Constantly updating the learning content to be always up to date with the regulations.
  • Be a reliable, ethical and socially responsible maritime education and training provider.
  • To provide a platform for research and constant improvement for the maritime industry.
  • To provide quality Ship Manpower services to the Ship owners by recruiting competent seafarers
  • To provide competent seafarers with their deserving placement with quality employers.
  • To build and bring up right team by imparting training to the personnel involved in the recruitment process to enable SMS to achieve it’s dream of becoming a world class Ship Manpower Services Organization.

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