What Is Merchant Navy ?

MERCHANT NAVY essentially work in carrying passengers and freight. It's distinct fleets composed of passenger boats, cargo liners, tankers, Bulk carriers, Car carriers, container. Merchant Navy is the keystone of world wide international trade, freight and taking goods across the earth for Import & Export company. Merchant Navy is the profession which gives maximum wages package. Furthermore wages is completely tax free. It is possible to save the entire wages since your entire expense is borned by the Shipping Company.

Sections on transporting cargo ship:


Career at Sea

Profession at Sea. A sea profession is among the most rewarding professions not only with respect to emoluments & earning ability, but additionally manner of practical instruction of the world through traveling, seeing various states & meeting folks from various portions of a person.ea career is one of the most rewarding careers not only with respect to emoluments & earning capacity but also way of practical education of an individual through travel, visiting various countries & meeting people from various parts of the world. It develops a cosmopolitan person quite at home in most foreign environments & with a greater understanding of the different people, their culture & way of life.

It acquires a cosmopolitan man rather at home in the majority of foreign surroundings & with a greater comprehension of the distinct individuals, their culture & way of life.

Characteristics of a Young Man Selecting a Merchant Navy Profession:

  1. a) Above average intellect, but certainly not an intellectual.
  2. b) Great general knowledge & ton of common sense.
  3. c) Contain avocations that are great to pass time in spare time on ship.
  4. d) Fond of outside door life.
  5. e) Considering expanding his prognosis.
  6. f) Where almost every day is distinct from the preceding day sharp to pursue a life of experience.
  7. g) High sense of responsibility. Cares for his co-workers and makes buddies easily.
  8. h) Sharp to work other as a team. Reveal initiative in handling any work delegated to him Career Prospects.
  9. i) You will qualify to become a master or chief engineer of multi core boats at the age of about 27 years after joining the training program by the age of 17 Years with 10th or 12th certification.
  10. j) An officer holding foreign or Indian certification could work on a ship of any nationality, thereby raising his job market.
  11. k) It is possible to work on boats upto the age of 65 years. In the same time chances that are great will be accessible to transform to marine related jobs onshore from the age of 35 years onwards.

Why Merchant Navy ?

Money-making pay-bundles

An extremely large motivator for anyone is the charisma of pay- wages and bundles. The merchant navy offers exceptionally high payment scales, even for new entrants in the profession, beginning at about US$ 300 and going up to about US$ a monthly basis. On 15,000 the payment scales are set according to the present IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ILO (International Labour Organization) laws.

Furthermore, the wages in merchant navy also varies the position held by someone and from business to business and on the basis of the qualification.

Merchant navy is among the few professions where the wages barely issues. It can range anywhere between Rs.18000 to Rs.9 lakhs per month although the pay construction differ from business to business, city to city, the export-import needs, seniority etc. Officers and all crew members receive free meals on board and senior officers can take along their wives for the voyage. Generally emolument in a foreign boats are higher especially the west European, U.S. and the Gulf. Crew and every officer of the merchant navy working on board a vessel that is taking foreign freight has the right to 75% of his net gains in foreign exchange. Imported spirits, besides this, cigs, canned foods, make-up can be found on board duty free.

Tax free income

The fascinating fact is that there's no income tax return levied on the gains of a merchant navy professional. Paying taxes is a duty that many people are cautious of. Individuals active in the merchant marines are exempted from paying taxes, yet, if they satisfy the requirements necessary for exemption purposes. A merchant marine professional must spend at least half a year on duty aboard at a merchant ship, following which the professional will be exempt from paying tax for the given financial year.

Destinations galore

Individuals active in the merchant marines get to experience exotic destinations across the entire world. And since occupations in merchant navy need a person to spend prolonged amounts of time at sea, there isn't any dearth of time in regards to researching these striking destinations.

Confluence of cultures

A professional involved in a merchant marine profession gets to meet and mingle with individuals of nationalities and different cultures. It will help work better as a team player and the person to comprehend and learn the nuances of different cultures and customs at the exact same time

Improves professionalism

Working in the merchant navy empowers people to work better as a component. Merchant mariners must possess extreme resourcefulness and good communication skills, as well as keeping and following high discipline. These qualities are farther honed when someone spends significant period of time functioning as part of a new team in the high seas. A man not only evolves professionally but also personally while working in merchant navy.

Extensive exposure

Merchant navy professions offer a lot of scenarios, vulnerability to unanticipated events and crises. By confronting such unmitigated occasions, professionals get facing such issues and a prevalent knowledge about coping, in the function of them springing up again. The exposure one gets in this area is unlike anywhere else and which helps an individual to develop in every part.

Inspiring experience

A profession in merchant marines is like having experiences on a day to day basis. It is an adventurous life out there. Involve people having to spend nine hours in a office, other routine occupations. That is not for those who enjoy nine to five occupations. Merchant mariners really get to research and see the outstanding oceanic vista for days on end which, acts as inspiration unlike any. The scenarios which one faces at sea supply experiences of extreme daring kinds, not only this.

Less demanding qualifications

A profession in merchant navy can be taken up the high school assessments clearing with math and areas like physics. For people who tend not to need to obtain higher school instruction or cannot do so due to specific reasons, taking a merchant marine profession up is the most viable option. In moulding an improved career not only does it supply great pay but also help. That said, there are profession in merchant navy that will require high qualifications at the same time.

Controlled lifestyle

Discipline and punctuality are two essential qualities a man increases through a merchant marine profession. Since the oceans are exceptionally unpredictable, a seaman must be exceptionally concentrated, careful and attentive to counter any eventuality, thus reducing the repercussions well. Both of these qualities are imbibed in maritime professional's right from their school training. The professionals are anticipated to follow a strict disciplined lifestyle in accordance with navy are and rules additionally required to wear navy uniforms throughout their careers. In the event you happen to be uniform fan, marine profession is an interesting choice for you.

Extended holidays

Since the nature of the job demands long working periods, the holidays offered to merchant marine professionals are equally compensating. This empowers these professionals to appreciate the best of water, land and both worlds. Four months holiday is undoubtedly long enough to unwind and follow all of your fires, is not it? 

Types Of Ship's 


Until boats began to be constructed to take unique and specialized freights, all boats were just general freight boat, i.e. constructed to take all kinds of freights e.g. drums of asphalt or caustic soda, cases of machines, boxes or cartons including gains or electronic goods, radios, transistors, steel plates, paper rolls, cases of tea, bags of java seeds etc. General cargo ships take were farther compartmentalized by one or two deck of freight carried by these boats under the main deck to ensure distinct kind could be individually kept. The purpose of the general cargo boat started to wane with the coming of large size bulk carrier and tankers, but the fall of these general cargo boat has accelerated since the dawn of containerization .not only are container vessels capable to take greater quantity of freight in standardized cargo container, the time spent in loading and discharging has been drastically reduced.

Where a general cargo ship can take 3-4 days to load or discharge a container ship can reach exactly the same in a matter of hours, although usually little in size, aren't suited to container, or using on shore and inland waters.


Bulk carriers are the excellent work horses of the sending world, taking world, taking raw dry cargoes including coal, iron ore, grain, sulphur, scrap metal inside their tremendous cavernous holds. All the time of writing this unit there is an enormous demand driven by the incredible growth of the Chinese market, for these boats. Lately imports of iron ore in china have improved the gains of bulk carrier owners.

The boats in the top row are called so called because they take its freight cranes that will be invaluable when seeing ports which tend not to have coast freight handling gear, geared bulk carriers. Tankers were created to take liquid freights. Oil tankers come in two basic types, the petroleum carrier, which takes the clean products tanker, and crude oil, which takes the processed products, like petrol, gas, kerosene, aviation fuel and paraffin. Tankers range in all sizes, from the little bunkering tanker of between 2-300, 000 dwt and the ulcc of up to 500, 000 dwt.


The container ship or box ship is the amazing success story of the last 40 years. General cargo was historically taken without the specific specialty, in dry cargo vessels. Unloading and freight loading was always a low laborious job, because of the variable sizes, shapes, weight and fragility of the numerous freights being carried on any one boat. The thought of standardizing the taking box, or container of 20 feet long was a breakthrough that allowed for boats keep and stack these special contours. In 1937, a new jersey truck driver named malcolm mclean, sitting in his truck at the new jersey piers suddenly had an innovative idea.


Pure car carrier is a boat designed to take autos in different compartments of the boat some boats were created to take autos in trucks and some compartments in other compartments. They may be now called truck carriers and pure auto.


They range in building and size but one thing is common for them all. We're much depends on the product they take daily. Figure out how we get ourselves toothpaste, paint, plastic, cooking oil, cologne, wine and spirits. A chemical tanker is like an oil tanker but with more amount of and smaller tanks, some boats have to 56 tanks up.

The tanks are specially equipped to manage many kinds of freight. Here are some case of the difficulties they face and the freight they take


The ro- ro, or more completely the roll on roll off boat, come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but usually in two kinds, the passenger ro and the freight roro. Passenger roro have become around water to travel. It's likely the only kinds of cargo vessel that most people have. Normally a back door allows for vehicles to be driven on and off, kept on the car deck below the passenger lodging spaces.


Natural gas has 600 times the volume of lng. Its cousin and the lng carrier the lpg carrier is a product of the late twentieth century. Lpg and lng are the favorite fuel kinds of specific states due to their industrial electricity demands. Japan is one state, and so lng demands to be transported to japan but is not the simplest of cargoes to be transported. In its natural state, lng is a gasoline so to carried it, it needs to be either pressurized into a liquid by. Was a significant breakthrough, when 400 frozen auto cases were taken safely by sea using a simple boat refrigeration plant to keep them hard- frozen on a two month voyage from australia to great britain.


Both for the consumers, this had tremendous consequences, who had the ability to source seagoing refrigeration to develop their principal export markets, and their produce from across the world. Since these starts, the reefer trades have extremely enlarged to manage all types of fresh food, with large amounts of meat, fish dairy farm produce citrus, bananas and other fruits criss crossing the world in specialized refrigerated boats. Freights are taken either frozen or cooled increasingly at restricted temperatures that can be altered to ensure the produce reaches the marketplace at its optimum state frequently ripening on the voyage. Heavy loads were first carried on classic cargo ship, either managed by a port floating crane, or by the boat's jumbo derrick which would make short work of loads like.

Facilities & Amenities On Ship

While on the ship, each person really work only for eight to ten hours regular, in special instances of operational or commercial issues longer intervals of work become required.

Balance is the rest period for which large facilities are available e.g. Indoor Games, Films, Magazines, Physical Fitness Equipment’s, Swimming Pool etc.

Accommodation is very comfortable with all modern amenities.

Communicating between coast and boats is straightforward and quite powerful. The Phones, Fax & E-Mail, Chat of boat are handily available to contact pals and your family. Private mobile phones with worldwide roaming facility.

All shipping companies let their senior officers to take their wife & kids’ worldwide roaming facility.

Because of the agreement nature of work the person on ship maintain shifting regulation often. You may be competent to make friends with folks whom you enjoy and you'll be capable of making buddies with folks whom you enjoy and you Won’t be stuck with any unlikeable person enemy align length.

According to Indian income tax law, if person has worked in the fiscal year out of India on ship for more than 182 days afterward he become a NRI & all his foreign gains are completely tax free.